Luxury watchmaker FREDERIQUE CONSTANT together with its goodwill ambassadress Ines Sastre and the jewelry firm WEMPE hold a charity raffle to support the fight against heart disease


Madrid, November 28, 2013 – The charity raffle held yesterday by the watchmaker FRÉDÉRIQUE CONSTANT and the jewelry firm WEMPE was a great success. A hundred distinguished guests accepted the invitation issued by Christiane Bömer, director of jewelry firm WEMPE, and Aletta Stas, founder and CEO of luxury watchmaker FRÉDÉRIQUE CONSTANT, to show their support for the Spanish Heart Foundation.



Together with other national heart foundations in their respective countries, the Fundación Española del Corazón (Spanish Heart Foundation) collaborates with the World Heart Federation to focus on the fight against heart disease and strokes (referred to in medical terms as cerebrovascular accidents), between them the world’s most frequent causes of death. Swiss watchmaker Frédérique Constant has collaborated since 2009 with charity organizations linked to heart disease, and is currently supporting the World Heart Federation’s international “Heart of Children” campaign to promote preventive measures among women and children. The aim is to heighten awareness of cardiovascular illnesses and the risk factors that can lead to them, with a view to cutting both the number of persons affected by these disorders and the number of premature deaths that they cause.




To provide local support for this project in conjunction with the WEMPE store in Madrid, Frédérique Constant organized a charity cocktail reception attended by the watchmaker’s goodwill ambassadress, Inés Sastre, who presented one of the prizes, a Frédérique Constant watch, to the winner of the charity raffle that had been held the previous evening.




Thanks to the generosity of WEMPE and Frédérique Constant, the proceeds of the raffle were donated in their entirety to the Spanish Heart Foundation to help its fight against cardiovascular disease.

Through their combined efforts, Frédérique Constant, WEMPE and the Spanish Heart Foundation wish to give hope to persons affected by cardiovascular disease and to their families, and to enable them to spend more time TOGETHER.


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Frédérique Constant

Involved with charitable organizations linked to heart disease since 2009, this Swiss luxury watchmaker launched a limited-edition World Heart Federation watch model and also made a donation of $50,000 in September 2012 to mark the celebration of World Heart Day in Los Angeles. A hundred watches were donated to organizations linked to the World Heart Federation to support their activities to prevent cardiovascular disease.

This year, collaborating in Spain with the Spanish Heart Foundation, the Swiss watchmaker has renewed its support for the fight against cardiovascular disease, the most common cause of death in the world today.


In 1878, Gerhard D. Wempe laid the foundations for the solid family firm with an international profile that we know today. Two generations later, this German company with its head office in Hamburg has jewelry stores in many of the world’s major cities from New York to Beijing, including Paris, London, Vienna, Moscow and Madrid. In their windows, together with the work of the most prestigious watchmakers of all times (with FRÉDÉRIQUE CONSTANT prominent among them) it is possible to find its own WEMPE GLASHÜTTE I/SA watch collection and a fascinating collection of jewelry which, in the form of both the BY KIM label brand and its own original designs, brings together all the values and the tireless search for excellence that have made this house a world-famous reference in the fields of both watchmaking and jewelry.

The SEC and FEC organizations

The Spanish Society for Cardiology (SEC) and the Spanish Heart Foundation (FEC) together make up an organization the essential purpose of which is to promote the cardiovascular health of the country’s population through the very highest standards of excellence in clinical, research, educational and communicative terms.

Both organisms have become a point of reference in the Spanish-speaking world for the fight against cardiovascular disease, which accounts for the most deaths in Spain today.

SEC has over 4,000 members, consisting of cardiologists and healthcare professionals linked to the fight against cardiovascular disease working in Spain or in European, Latin American or international environments.

FEC has over 4,000 members, including cardiologists who are also members of SEC, nurses working in the field of cardiology, patients’ associations, private organisms and private individual members.

Main officials:

Dr.García Fernández: General Secretary of the Spanish Society for Cardiology

Dr.González Juanatey: President of the Spanish Society for Cardiology

Dr.Plaza Celemín: President of the Spanish Heart Foundation