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The new Frederique Constant Double Heart Jewelry Collection

When two hearts beat as one....

It is with extreme joy that I invite you to discover the new Frederique Constant Double Heart Jewelry Collection. Perfectly in line with the Frederique Constant timepiece collection, our jewelry designs effortlessly harmonize the classical with the contemporary for a woman who is elegant, yet spontaneous, sophisticated, and has a strong sense of herself. The collection breathes elegance for a woman who has true style and values exquisite workmanship.

My husband and I founded our own Swiss watch brand Frederique Constant in 1988. We had a clear objective to create high-end watches at sensible prices. Today, the concept has become known as 'Accessible Luxury.' It is this same concept that inspired me to incorporate 18kt rose gold and Sterling Silver into our jewelry collection, offering 'easy', wearable pieces as an everyday luxury. The collection ranges from diamond-accented pieces to more opulent variations encrusted with full-cut diamonds, to bright and colorful pieces adorned with semi-precious stones.

Frederique Constant's timepieces and jewelry are defined by their high quality, differentiation, and precision in design and manufacture. Each watch is still assembled by hand in our Manufacture in Plan-les-Ouates, Geneva. Within our various collections, the Ladies Automatic Double Heart Beat has become one of our most iconic series. The original and registered design of this range - with two intertwined hearts forming an aperture in the dial revealing the 'heart beat' of the movement- makes the Frederique Constant Double Heart Beat more than just a watch. These fine timepieces have been developed with passion to reflect the values and aspirations of today's woman. Designed by a lady, for a lady. With the great success of the Double Heart Beat ladies watches as our foundation, what could have been more appropriate than launching a complementary jewelry collection?

The new Frederique Constant Double Heart Beat Jewelry Collection: a pure expression of timeless elegance and creativity that is classical yet contemporary. Naturally, we did it in the spirit of what Frederique Constant is famous for: Accessible Luxury.

I wish you joy when discovering this new collection. It was truly a pleasure to create it for you!

Aletta Stas
Co-Founder - Frederique Constant SA


Silver Earringst Double Heart with Pavee diamonds (0.36ct)


Silver "Double Heart" on black cord bracelet


Silver "Double Heart" with one diamond (1.9mm, 0.03ct) on black cord bracelet



Silver Double Hearts and Semi Precious stones bracelet




Silver Double Hearts bracelet




Bicolour Double Hearts bracelet with one DH Pavee diamond (0.08ct)


18K RG Pendant "Double Heart" with one diamond (1.9mm, 0.03ct)


18K RG Pendant "Double Heart" with Pavee diamonds (0.42 ct)


18K RG Pendant Open Heart with Pavee Diamonds(0.26 ct) on brown cord necklace


18K RG Pendant Open Heart with Pavee Diamonds (0.26 ct)

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