Frédérique Constant watches are produced in strict accordance with Swiss rules governing ‘Swiss Made’ and ‘Genève Made’ watches.


The law is based on a concept according to which Swiss quality depends on the amount of work actually carried out on a watch in Switzerland, even if some foreign components are used in it. It therefore requires that the assembly work on the movement (the motor of the watch) and on the watch itself (fitting the movement with the dial, hands and the various parts of the case) should be carried out in Switzerland, along with the final testing of the movement. It also requires that at least 50% of the components of the movement should be manufactured in Switzerland.

The indication “Swiss Made” may lawfully appear on a watch on condition that the following conditions:


Movement must be assembled in Switzerland.
At least 50% of value added on movement must be in Switzerland Assembly of watch must be in Switzerland.
Assembly of the watch is executed in Switzerland.
Quality Control of watch must be in Switzerland.
All Frédérique Constant timepieces have Swiss Made movements and are assembled in Genève . Therefore all Frédérique Constant watches are Swiss Made.


The Canton of Genève has the reputation of being one of the prestigious centres of the Swiss watch industry where de luxe and high quality watches are made. That being so, this indication benefits from a special protection, which is guaranteed by Swiss law, bilateral agreements and international conventions.

The indication “Genève” may lawfully appear on a watch on condition that the following conditions:

Movement must be Swiss Made
Assembly in Canton Genève
Quality Control in Canton Genève
At least 50% of value added in Canton Genève
All Frédérique Constant timepieces are designed, developed and assembled in Genève using the best components available in Switzerland and following the ultimate Swiss quality standards.