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We do not want to restrict the interest in Frédérique Constant watches to a limited and elitist circle of connoisseurs, but rather to open it to a broader selection of appreciative enthusiasts who want to enjoy Swiss high-quality classical watches at sensible prices. Frédérique Constant accordingly strives to democratise luxury. At Frédérique Constant, we believe that for any company to be truly successful, it must aspire to, establish and abide by a strong and dynamic set of Core Values.

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Doers, Result Driven, Success and Growth Driven, Winner's Mentality, Responsible, Passionate.

We see our core values not as rigid guidelines that limit or inhibit our workforce, but as a creed that constantly encourages our dedicated and talented employees, and reassures our customers that Frédérique Constant will never be satisfied merely with success. We aim for more... much more... which is why the first of our clearly defined core values is "Achievement".

As a company, we have a great many ambitions. We are driven to succeed in business on a global level and we are determined to remain a leading representative of the Swiss watchmaking industry for generations to come. We also have a strong desire to make a positive and lasting impact on the global community at large.

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Integrity, Open Communication, Transparent, Down to earth, Respect for others, No Politics, Fairness.

At Frédérique Constant, we believe that to be truly successful, both in business and in life, we must also always be open and honest: with our customers, our agents and distributors and, just as importantly, with our dedicated and talented employees. "Honesty" is therefore one of the core values which we as a company hold dearest.

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Practical, Fast, Focused, Simple, Flexible, Save Cost.

To this end, we are constantly looking for new social and charitable projects with which we can become intimately involved and particularly those that help people less fortunate than ourselves, both locally and abroad. To achieve all this and more, and to remain profitable while doing so, Frédérique Constant recognizes the need for the company to show the highest levels of "Efficiency" at all times and at all levels within the business.

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Beautiful Products, Innovative Solutions, Improvement, Develop new Methods.

That core value, which goes hand in hand with the passion that truly defines our company, is "Creativity." We feel it is not enough that our watches perform brilliantly, with unrivalled accuracy, and that they are durable enough to be passed from one generation to the next. We also want our watches to be beautiful, even inspirational works that reveal to anyone who sees them the creative genius that led to their development as a Frédérique Constant product.

Producing precision timepieces like those made at Frédérique Constant requires exceptional skill and, of course, the finest materials and most advanced techniques. Our company is determined to maintain the highest possible production standards in every watch that bears the Frédérique Constant name.

We understand the importance of producing reliable, durable and functional watches that are as technologically advanced as they are well-built. Behind the engineering skills and quality materials, however, is a core value which we hold especially dear at Frédérique Constant, for without it, we would merely be repeating what we have done before, or worse, we would end up imitating others.

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Relationships, Team Spirit, Partnering, Happy Together, Balance, Trust.

For any relationship in life to be truly successful, there must be a certain amount of give and take. A good relationship is a two-way street, whether the relationship is personal, professional or business-to-business. Any time the traffic is all one-way, or all give and no take, the relationship is bound to suffer and ultimately fail. With this in mind, Frédérique Constant has made "Cooperation" one of the core values upon which the company commits to base all its relationships.

We firmly believe that if our employees are happy in their work, if our agents and the 2,700 outlets around the world who sell Frédérique Constant watches are happy with our products, global guarantee and backup service, and if our customers are pleased with the high quality, handmade watches we produce, then the company will thrive and continue to grow.

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Education, Training, Coaching, Motivation, Challenge, Opportunities, Learn by doing.

At Frédérique Constant, we recognize that any company's most valuable asset is its workforce. Nowhere is this more true than within our organization, because we actively seek a highly diverse range of talented individuals who must be exceptionally passionate about their craft in order to join our team.

Even though we're all on the same team, all people have different needs, whether socially, domestically or in their educational aspirations. As such, Frédérique Constant lists "Personal Development" as one of its core values. Of course, recognition is one thing, while actions to permit and encourage personal development are a different matter entirely.

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